established 1905

The Midland Wine and Spirit Association is one of four regional wine and spirit associations in the UK. Its members include regional businesses in the wholesale and/or retail trade of wine and spirits, local branches of national companies, importers, and producers.

The association was formed way back in 1905 when a group of independent Midland wine & spirit merchants got together to talk and discuss issues relating to the trade. In the 109 years since then the trade has, of course, seen many, many changes although as an association we still try and hold up the original values as set out in our rules. 


We update our events calendar regularly.

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Membership is open to Wholesale and/or Retail Wine & Spirit Merchants carrying on the business in the Midlands region (for details of exactly which areas and counties are covered please refer to the Membership rules.

If you are eligible and wish to become a member of the Midlands Wine & Spirit Association simply download, fill in, and send in the membership application form (details in the form) along with your cheque. Membership costs only £40 per year.

Make a difference...
by joining the ranks of the top Midlands businesses working with wines and spirits united in
our efforts to make the Midlands wine and spirits scene vibrant and dynamic.

Improve business prospects...
by getting access to prospective suppliers, customers, consumers, and enthusiasts.

Increase your influence outside the Midlands region...
by having access to, and networking with, members of the West of England Wine & Spirit Association, the North West Wine & Spirit Association, and the Yorkshire & North East Wine & Spirit Association.

Raise your profile...
by hosting trade and consumer events, introducing interesting new products to the region, and contributing to the MWSA blog and social media.

Promote your business...
by sharing your events and offers on the MWSA website and social media profiles. 

Enjoy discounts...
on paid events hosted by other members.

Gain exclusive access...
to a range of tours, talks and events  organised by members and non-members throughout the region.


Train your employees and staff so they can contribute more to business growth...
by using MWSA discounts for WSET courses and a growing range of training programmes.

Help your employees and staff gain insight...
by inviting them to trade and consumer events and tastings, and by encouraging them to exchange experiences and notes with peers from within the industry.

Get access to reports, insights, and updates...
from the Wine & Spirit Trade Association simply by being a member of the MWSA.

Have your say with the government...
by lending your voice to the WSTA’s policy campaigns, including those concerning excise and duty rates.



Mr. Francis H Pearson
Pearson French
Mr. Iain Phillips
Mr. Antony Davis
Mr. Alan Cutler MBE
Stourbridge Old Edwardian Club
Mr. David Sharland
Tanners Wines
Mr. Mark King
Spencers of Bromsgrove
Mrs. Joy Clayton Smith
Hallgarten Druitt
Mrs. Laura Clay
Mr. Alok Mathur
Soul Tree Wine
Mr. Sam Sandbach
Winepress Wine Agencies
Mr. Keiron Gallagher
Pol Roger Portfolio


What is the MWSA, and what does it do?

The MWSA, or the Midlands Wine and Spirit Association, is a trade association of Wholesale and/or Retail Wine & Spirit Merchants carrying on the business in the Midlands region. It is one of the regional divisions of the WSTA, the Wine and Spirit Trade Association, the body that represents the trade nationally, is a source of regulatory and market-related information, and lobbies on behalf of the trade with the government. Other regional associations include the West of England Wine and Spirit Association and the North West Wine and Spirit Association.

Who can be a member of the MWSA?

All Wholesale and/or Retail Wine and Spirit Merchants carrying on business in the Midlands region are eligible to become members of the MWSA. Members must be ratified by the council before they are formally accepted into the MWSA.

How much does it cost to be a member?

The current annual membership fee of the MWSA is just £35. (£30 if paid by standing order)

Why should I/we become a member?

The MWSA is a platform for all Wholesale and/or Retail Wine and Spirit merchants in the Midlands to network; share knowledge, information, and market intelligence; lobby the WSTA on policy matters; and get together socially through several events organised during the year. Companies like to do business with people they know and companies they trust, and the MWSA is a great platform for its members to work, to collaborate, and to grow together. No independent wholesale or retail merchant in the Midlands can or should do without being a part of the MWSA.

How is the MWSA run?

The MWSA is governed by its council. Members of the council are owners and managers of member businesses, and are nominated to the council by other members on the basis of their experience, abilities, connections, and the strong will to serve the membership of the MWSA.

How can I contribute as a member?

As a member you can network with other like-minded association members and seek/provide help and assistance; bring issues to the council's attention and contribute to the debate and resolution of these issues or to lobbying with the WSTA; help grow and strengthen the association by inviting businesses you feel will benefit from the MWSA's membership; and help organise events and tastings or host them where possible. If you have a particular strength or connection that you feel will benefit the association or its members you can get in touch with any of the members of council.



You can also write to us using the email addresses below:

Iain Phillips


Antony Davis 

Honorary Secretary

We update our events calendar regularly.

Please check back later for upcoming events

To book,  use the contact form below or write to Mr. Antony Davis, Honorary Secretary or Mr. Iain Phillips, Chairman

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